I am humbled to have been apart of this little film.

The film is based on a story from a very well knowned danish comic book writer
Martin Strid.

A little film to be apart of a christmas show for the national Tv Station station in my neck of the woods.

A cute little frog lands right in the middle of the little frog family's dinner. At first he is really sweet, but soon he gets turned upside down by it all. Can a Little Frog Really Be SO Bad?


Efter lang ventetid og forventning kan vi nu afsløre!

Nu er den her! Bogen alle taler om, og den bog, der har modtaget utallige positive anmeldelser!  Det ender aldrig med alle de positive anmeldelser, bogen modtager.

Det er med stor ære og ydmyghed, at vi kan meddele, at bogen er udgivet og nu sælges.

Den perfekte fødselsdagsgave, indflytnings gave osv. Til dig og dine kære.

  Køb den nu, før det er for sent !!

På grund af den meget høje efterspørgsel og på grund af ekstra almindelig travlhed med denne bog har det ført til manglende evne til at oversætte den til andre sprog end "vikingesprog".

På grund af emnets art i denne bog er det højst sandsynligt ikke en mulighed for at oversætte den til andre sprog. Vi beklager ulejligheden.


After a long wait and expectation, we can now unveil!

Now it's here! The book everyone is talking about and the book that has received countless positive reviews! It will never end with all the positive reviews the book receives.

It is with great honor and humility that we can announce that the book has been published and is now being sold.

The perfect birthday gift, moving-in gift etc. for you and your loved ones.

 Buy it now before it's too late !!

As of the very high demand and due to extra ordinary bustle for this book has led to the inability to translate it into other languages other than "Viking language".
Due to the nature of the subject in this book it is most likely not a possibility to translate it into other languages.
We apologize for this inconvenience

Fandens blog:

For salg kontakt:
For sale contact:



I always like to be apart of projects that send a strong message and leave the audience with something serious to think about.

I was very happy when I was asked to be involved with the project  "Flee". 

Also Find more details on SunCreatures website.

All artwork belongs to the respected owner.


I was fortunate to be able to particpate with some concept artwork for this danish feature animation film : Minna and the dreambuilders.

It was great fun for me to be able to work on this nice film.

Find more details on the director Kim Hagens website

Minnas Pet animal, the guinea pig was particularly fun for me to work on and figuring out a design.
Here are some early designs to help on the way to the final design.

Early Concept  design on the pet "Viggo" that was send to me.

And here I am "Searching".

All artwork belongs to the respected owner.



This project was just plain and simple FUN to work on!!

The original idea by Lowe Haak.
Produced by Nice Ninja

The two boys Trafalgar and Pulver loves adventure. Unfortunately, they live in Apple Hills, a very small town, that is so insignificant and boring that it does not even exist on Google Maps. Forced by boredom the two boys have to come up with their own ideas of how to get just a little bit of entertainment into their lives which sends them on wild and weird adventures that they cannot completely control.

Link to the trailer:

All artwork belongs to the respected owner.



Freaks Kitchen.

I haven´t been so excited to be on an animated project until I got the chance to jump on this project. The project was at its end of production when I was lucky to be invited to work on one little scene.

On top of  some turmoil in my private life at that time, I managed to make an effort on this one.

One of the coolest project I have participate on..
Thank you 

All artwork belongs to the respected owner.


The municipality of Sonderborg was going to do a campaign aimed
on 4 different ways to look at life in Sonderborg Municipality and to send a positive message.
Here are the 4 different ways to go about things:

                                                                        1. Differences
                                                                        2. Believe
                                                                        3. Wiser
                                                                        4. We can do it.

I did the animation (Oldschool way-Paper and pencil) according to the directions of 

Film No.1

Film No.2

Film No.3

Film No.4
We can.

All artwork belongs to the respected owner.

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