Native of the lands of the vikings.

"Your job is to do what your dreams tell you to do."

The Building.

Walt Disney Feature Animation Orlando ,Florida USA

This is/was where the magic happened.

I was hired to go and work for "The mouse" on the animated feature film Mulan.

I ended up being apart of three animated feature films while living in Florida,USA.

The extended Edition (including "Human again").

Awesome experience.

Beauty and the Beast.

Who should have known that I would be apart of this amazing film.

Some years after completion of the first and original film. Disney decided to put in a sequence (Human again) that was left out in the first version of the film.

I was very lucky to be put on the team to work on this sequence. Great times.

Here I link to a youtube video that shows a little bit behind the scenes from that production.


And here is a link to the sequense.

And this is status after doing a 80 hour work week on production for 2 years  straight.
You start to loose it.

1990-First time animating on a feature film

Jungledyret Hugo (Jungle Jack): 


Here is me taking a quick snap photo of Gary Goldman at the UCLA in the late half of 1989.
Here Gary is making a speech on the newly released "All dogs go to heaven" By Bluth animation (Sullivan & Bluth).
After the talk I pulled myself together and went up to Gary asking him about the procedure of applying for a job in the animation industry.

.....to make a long story short...

We had a brief talk and this was the very moment my carriere in the animation business startet.. 

Los Angeles USA, August 8-1989
I was lucky to meet Bud Rickert.
I met Bud at his art store in Los Angeles. 

Bud was a background painter at the original Walt Disney studio back in the days.
Bud told me ,as I recall, he was doing background paintings on the Pinocchio feature among others.

Great meeting and for me at the time I was in awe to have met a person who was actually working for walt himself.

Life drawing class in the year 1989.

19 years old starting to get on track with my life.
I was told that it was/is  important to practice drawing from life models.
It is a good exercise to draw and learn about the human body in motion. Especially if you want to get into animation.  So I signed up and was heading for the goal, animation.

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