I am a self-taught happy dude. Self-taught classical 2d animator. Self-taught Artist. Professional Certified Carpenter.

After an absence of approx. 10 years from the animation I pick up the pieces again :)

This blog is intended to show off my skills :)

First and foremost my artistic skills.You know like a portfolio kind a thing. Occasional I will probably post stuff that deviate from drawings,paintings and animation of my own, to stuff like craft and suchlike or pictures of places and stuff I see on my way that inspires me and what I  think you might also like to see. 

I will put links to the respective owners and places.

If you find it useful and enjoy what you see here. Please then share it.

I am also building my YouTube channel Hatukah on Youtube so if you do not mind and you 

like to, go and check it out!


Hatukah on Youtube 

Hatukah on IMDb


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